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Second Wind UV Bulbs

Our germicidal UV Bulbs are designed to fit Second Wind models 2000 , 2018 , 9000 , 2000-230.
These replacements for the Second Wind 1076 will also replace Lennox # 87N77.
These are a 40 watt high output replacement UV Lamp.
Second Wind recommends replacing the 1076 uv bulbs after 9000hrs .
While many Second Wind Air Purifiers allow the lamp to stay lit past its expiration date the uv intensity decreases rapidly after the one year point.
For best results from your Second Wind Air Purifiers replacethe UV Bulb # 1076 annually.
*Some Models of SecondWind Air Purifiers require two lamps.*

Second Wind UV Bulbs

Replacement UV bulb for the Second Wind Air Purifier model #1000KA, 1000KCS, 1001 KA, 1001KCS.
This is a 9" ozone replacement uv lamp for the # 1068. Some units may require two UV bulbs.

1000KA, 1000KCS,1001 KA, 1001KCS (Replacement for Second Wind part no. 1068)

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