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OxyQuantum UV Bulbs

Replacement UV-C/UVV dual wavelength bulb for OxyQuantun UV Air Purifiers.
U Shaped replacement UV Bulb for P/N 102237 fits OxyQuantum Model UVF-1.
Bulb Length is 6 3/4".

OxyQuantum UV Bulbs Replacement Bulb set for the OxyQuantum Model IIE.
Replacement bulb set contains:
1- Replacement UV-C bulb replaces P/N 102084
1- Replacement UVV bulb replaces P/N 102237
Each U Shaped bulb is 6 3/4" inches in length.
OxyQuantum UV Bulbs Replacement UV bulb set for the OxyQuantum LED UV Air Purifier.
Replacement bulb set contains:
1- Replacement 16" UV-C Germicidal H-Lamp
1- replacement 5" UVV Ozone Producing Lamp
* Average Life Span for this bulb set is 2 years*
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