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Fresh Air, No Worry to Breathe ¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤¡¤


UV-AIRE is the specialist in air sterilization, with over 8 years experience in manufacturing UV lamps. UV-AIRE is well-suited for the following applications that require UV-C intensity:

¡·HVAC systems
¡·Oil, Gas and Power
¡·Air PurifiePulp, paper and wood
¡·Heating & Cooling Filters
¡·Air Conditioners

¡·Food service/processing
¡·Beverage service/processing
¡·Laboratories and more

Our Mission
To strategically supply environmentally-safe products through the manufacturing and marketing of UV  products with  world class in quality, technology, delivery and cost with maximum value to our customer, while enhancing the safety and development of our employees.

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